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The project is searching for participants!

The project is currently looking for people to take part in our three case studies.

Article of the year award

The Association for Gender Studies in Finland gives Article of the Year award to Continuums of uncertainty: Forms of precarity and gendered violence in the lives of forced migrants [Epävarmuuden jatkumot: Prekaarisuuden muodot ja sukupuolistunut väkivalta pakkomuuttajien elämänkuluissa] by Johanna Hiitola, Zeinab Karimi and Valtteri Vähä-Savo.

The article was published in Sukupuolentutkimus-Genusforskning 34(3), 34-46. It focuses on gendered violence experienced by Afghan forced migrants
living in Finland. The article seeks to explain the continuation of victimization in their lives.
The data consists of 32 interviews and observations during the years 2018–2021. The
study shows that it is difficult to grasp the continuum of violence by only relying on
the frame of honour-based violence or communal violence without also considering
the forms of precarity, which predispose forced migrants to violence. Almost
all of the research participants came from extreme poverty and their families had
lived in exile for decades. The findings show that economic, legal, and administrative
precarity intensify the effects of violence and even produce violence in the lives of
forced migrants. The article offers new information about the links between gender,
forced migration, and forms of precarity.

The projects receives clearance from the Ethics Committee of the Tampere Region

The Ethics Committee of the Tampere Region has reviewed our research proposal and gave their approval for the project on 23 September 2021. Careful ethical deliberation and planning is extremely important for a project that deals with sensitive data. This is why the project members have put a lot of time and effort to make sure that all potential risks to the participants are minimized during the study. We are delighted about the Committee’s desicion and we’re excited to start gathering our data!